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But it is when you use or specify Power Systems Engineering’s Distribution and Motor Control products.

We’ve taken the struggle out of sourcing the most versatile contracting products for your construction or maintenance project. Firstly, by designing our products to meet the toughest project standards you know you’ll have equipment you can trust. Secondly, by having them on the shelf in our Brisbane facility, you can have them on site, day or night.

Currently, we offer two types of product to the electrical contractor – Distribution Boards and Local Control Stations. Our Distributions Boards have an incredible feature that makes them a great ally to your contracting business, you can find out more here. Our Local Control Stations (LCS) are built to meet the highest expectations. Water treatment, industrial process, mining, just about any application above ground and on-shore. The advantage is you can be assured these panels will meet the strictest specifications and they are on the shelf, wired up in several different configurations, ready for shipping. You can find our LCS page here.

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